7 things for your holiday! Winter Kashmir

winters in Kashmir

Kashmir is always the best in India. To soak up the charm of paradise, you should plan a large Himalayan beauty tour. In the fall, cashmere can flourish in Arable, but winter is very special. Summer green meadow. There is nothing more beautiful than how to find cashmere’s most popular attractions: Gurumaru-gu, Sonma-gu, Paharugamu, and Srinagar-gu.

 Winter is actually difficult for cashmere. In a dreamlike environment, Kashmir thrives. There are snow blankets that cover the entire valley. Winter stops life because too many people can’t find it. Stunning views set against imposing mountain tops are mostly jeweled, and partially frozen pine trees surround the image of a beautiful sight. The list of

 Kashmir Winter Experiences for the next Covid period is a comprehensive guide for travelers on an amazing trip. In the current situation, some of these experiences may not be available to travelers. Before planning your trip, it’s a good idea to check your health with the local authorities at Travel Triangle.

 Winter Kashmir Weather

 The best time to visit Kashmir great lakes trek in winter is from December to February. The minimum temperature is -8 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature occasionally reaches 10 degrees Celsius. The 40-day period known to Chilai Kalan from December 21st to January 31st is considered to be the most important time of snowfall. In winter, the weather in cashmere is nice, the environment is darker, and the cold, cooling bones can lead to swamps.

1.      Dal Lake

 Buy intricately woven pashmina shawls and tapes You can take a walk in the Kashmir market but don’t forget your boat. No more fun than staying in the best houseboats on a romantic boat through the beautiful Lake Kashmir or trekking through the Great Lakes of Kashmir. Every time you spend your vacation in Kashmir, the boat is the mother of all romantic experiences. Even the lake is partially frozen, while mercury is declining significantly. Plan a ride to Sikara. It’s not so much fun. One of the best things to do in Kashmir in winter is to ride Sikhara.

2.      Harissa

 Kashmir When you want to spend a few days in the winter, there are plenty of things to do. And cashmere food is definitely worth mentioning. Kashmiri Pulav, Kehwa, dum aloo, Yakhni, Kebabs are the most popular lip irritants, and Harissa is the most popular sweet. Harissa is a local dish of Kashmir that no one needs to try. Winter Kashmir staples are non-vegan delicacies that take nearly 12 hours to prepare. The main ingredients of Harissa are lamb and rice.

3.      Gurumarugu

 Skiing is the most popular of all winter adventure activities in Kashmir. For adventure fans who are courageous in sub-zero temperatures and fixed in the memory of winter, Gurumaru-gu and Sonamaru-gu are the most popular places to visit in winter for cashmere. Many local operators are in charge of adventure sports in Gurumaru Ward.

 Gurumarugu cable car control is a wonderful experience. Riding a hot-air balloon, skating, heli-skiing is another popular activity that you can enjoy during your winter trip to Kashmir.

4. Zanskar River

 Occasionally I don’t find adventures, but I look for adventures. Entering a world close to the Ice Age, you will find a wonderful way to a deep embrace of nature. The Glasska River is the perfect place to flow south of Le through Hemis National Park in winter. In winter, the river turns into big ice and forms an ideal platform for one of the world’s most exciting treks, the Chadar Trek. Winter Chadaru Track is a popular attraction in Kashmir.

5.      Sonamaru Ward

 Tajiwas Glacier and Zero Point are the most beautiful places in Sonamaru Ward. The beauty of the country of the golden wilderness in the hazy winter has its own charm. One of India’s most popular attractions in summer, Sonamaru-gu is guarded by the Great Himalayas.

6.      Paharugamu

 Winter without ponies is never easy in Kashmir. Guided through the gorge, the pony takes you when uncharted trails are difficult. Since winter is considered the off-season for tourism in Kashmir, passengers tend to pay more. Discussion is a word. The Word / Pony Tour is a must-have course to enjoy the best glaciers in Kashmir. be careful. Sometimes animals are also far away.

7. Discounts and Prices If you plan to stay at a resort or hotel in Kashmir

, you may get a good discount. Winter is the off-season, and it is a cost-effective choice to stay in Kashmir. You never know when an interesting deal takes place. Don’t forget to compare prices online.

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