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Are you searching for a powerful spy app for android and iPhone devices? Are you still confused to know about the best android spying application? We are here to solve your problem and clear your concept about promising monitoring software for smartphones. Most spy apps claim to be the best in the business, and they lie about their services and the end of the day, unveil scam spying applications.

The malicious and intrusive mobile tracking solution can steal your business, your money, and data stored on your android phones and tablets. Therefore, select the best spy software for cellphones, and today we guide you about the application that has revolutionized the spy business to the next level.

We will get to know about TheOneSpy that is worth buying and reliable tracking software for digital devices. Let’s get to know about its products for android and iOS based on features, installation, and many more things.

What is TheOneSpy mobile spying app? 

TheOneSpy is the most advanced and powerful spy application in the world. Thousands of people around the world are using the application and have given positive feedback. It is one of the feature-rich applications for android and iPhone. spying app is easy to use and does not need any special effort to use it on your targeted devices running with different operating systems.

It empowers you to perform digital surveillance on your cellphones connected to the internet. The application is a web-based monitoring tool for phones that give you an interface that makes you feel used to be tech-savvy. You need to install it on the target device without rooting and jailbreak the respective devices. You can operate it on the phone or PC browser or mobile viewer application available on the play store.

How spy app for android and iPhone is non-rooted & jailbreak solution?

The catchiest thing about the cell spy is that you can use it without rooting the phone. However, it is compatible with jailbreak iPhones and iPads. Most cellphone monitoring apps require android rooting and offer a non-jailbreak solution. It is a bluff to say you can spy on iPhone without jailbreak, but to say that without root is possible. Android is open source and has got security loopholes, but iOS has very tight security, and you have to have administrative access on iPhones.

Therefore, mobile spy is the best application to monitor android devices without root and track iPhones with jailbreak solution. The truth leads you towards ease and lies towards vulnerabilities. So, always go for the trustworthy spy application rather than wasting time and money.

The non-rooted spy app for android gives you features that enable you to spy on android and iPhones for the digital well-being of your kids. Moreover, use it for the surveillance of your employees. A fake spy application makes you face embarrassment, and TheOneSpy is here to serve you to the next level.

TheOneSpy mobile spying app Features for Android

Here are the following features you need to monitor and track cellphone and tablet devices to the fullest. 

 Social media spy

End-users can access any cellphone at any point in time after the installation. A social media monitoring app is the best tool to watch messaging app activities. It allows you to get messages, conversations, media, and voice call logs of instant messaging apps with the schedule. Users can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more.

GPS tracking

You can monitor the GPS location of android without root using the location tracker app. Moreover, get the location history and route map of your target phone using Google Map. You can also set Geo-Fence to mark safe and dangerous areas. 

Record calls

Users can listen to inbound and outbound android calls using a secret call recording app. Further, save and download data via an online dashboard.


Users can take screenshots remotely with android spy software, and you can schedule multiple screenshots to the dashboard.

Internet history

You can explore and monitor installed browsers on target mobile devices using the browsing history monitoring app. It empowers you to view URLs of the websites with schedule and bookmarking.

Surround recording

You can get to know what the target device user is talking about in phone surroundings. Users can hack and monitor the microphone of a cellphone and record voice chat and sounds and save data to the web portal.

Spy on messages

Users can spy on text messages sent and received and SMS with schedule using text messaging spying software.

Remote spying

Users can block every activity of kids and employees on cellphones remotely. You can block internet access, messages, and phone calls to the fullest.

These are the features of a mobile spying application for android that you can use via an online dashboard to set parental control and to keep tabs on your workforce to the fullest.

TheOneSpy iPhone spy app Features 

You can spy on iPhones using iPhone spy software powerful and jailbreak features. Let’s take a look on the following features to monitor iOS phones and iPads. 

  • Call logs 
  • WhatsApp 
  • IMessages 
  • Contacts 
  • Device information 
  • Installed apps 
  • Appointments 

And many more…….!  

These are the features of the jailbreak solution for iOS devices. You need to jailbreak the target device, and then you can install iPhone monitoring software to spy on iPhone to the fullest. Let’s discuss how TheOneSpy mobile spy app for android and iPhone perform.

How mobile spy software for android & iPhone works? 

You need to install the best cellphone spying app for android and iOS devices, and you can do that by visiting TheOneSpy and get the subscription and received credentials. Moreover, start the installation process and activate the phone monitoring app after successful configuration. You need to use the credential and access dashboard and activate surveillance tools to monitor phones of your choice.


Mobile monitoring software is the best tool that you can get via TheOneSpy online, and further you can spy on non-rooted android and jailbreak iPhone devices to the fullest.

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