Realme buds 2 vs Mi dual-driver Comparison

Realme buds 2 vs Mi dual-driver Comparison which one you should get well in this post we will find out. Their new me dual-driver earphones are pretty awesome sounding earphones. But I was sitting thinking how do the Realme buds compare to them it would be fun to compare both of them.

In the box, we get earphones ear tips, and user manuals nothing fancy. Here getting that out of the way let’s start with the design and build quality. So for the design and build quality both of the earphones are good here. On the realme Buds 2 – we have black and yellow and going go on but you can also pick these up in teal and orange color. As well whereas on the Xiaomi you get black and blue two color options.

Build Quality:

Whereas on the real me birds we get only regular check the traditional chair. The earbuds are also made out of plastic. On the real me but on the Xiaomi we have metal earbuds. Which feel way more premium and substantial than the buds too so overall in terms of build quality and design.


Xiaomi me dual-driver are better having said that both here phones are comfortable and have a very soft ear tip. Both of them stay in their place. Doesn’t come out easily but moving on to the features. We have magnetic earbuds on both earphones which is good to have braided cable on both 90-degree jacks on the Xiaomi and passive noise cancellation.


This is an essential feature for any earphones but what they have is inline buttons. Which can do all the stuff like media control volume control digging calls and poor voice. Assistant and speaking of that this is what the inline might sounds like this is the audio quality of the inline mic. On the Xiaomi-made MI dual-driver earphones and this is the audio quality of the inline mic on the real way parts next up is the most crucial part of this post which will decide which one of these earphones will have your money.

Sound quality:

Sound quality the real me has an 11.2 mm bass booster or driver whereas on the mi dual-driver we get a 10 mm bass booster driver and 8  mm bass booster driver drivers on each earbud which will help a lot in the sound quality of the earphones. You will have great and loud sound and even a little bit louder than the mean with ample amount of base but the suffer pencils are not quite there but on the module driver, we have wider fuller and clearer sound as there are two drivers in each earbud.

which focuses on their particular frequency range we have better bass and high frequencies although this sounds somewhat technical to you and me in real life when you listen to both of these earphones sides by side you will find a difference in the sound quality and for the genre, the realme buds are suitable for bass-heavy songs like hip-hop pop-rock Punjabi but they are not best for acoustic or any other high frequencies on the other side the module drivers shine on everything believe me throw hip-hop pop-rock goo stick R&B Punjabi Bollywood, etc. everything sounds so fantastic on these but moving down to the price of these earphones the real me birds to is a little cheaper than me dual driver.


It’s 599 to 699 for the realme buds and 699 to 799for the mi dual-driver so the price difference is there but it’s totally up to you .how much you want to spend for an earphone smooth earphones are good but Realme buds mean the best earphone under 600 rupees. I would say and the mi dual is best under 1000 rupees.


So if you are looking for an earphone under 500 rupees then you should definitely pick the realme buds but if you want to spend a little more money you want to have better sound quality then check out the mi dual driver is for 1000 rupees I mean under 1000 rupees. Now I hope all the confusion about the Realme buds 2 vs Mi dual-driver Comparison has been cleared.

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