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Education helps develop the skills necessary to respond to the new complex challenges that each individual faces. In their various roles; whether as a consumer, producer, employee, entrepreneur, saver, investor, taxpayer, recipients of public aid, citizen, etc.

In the field of education, various approaches exist. Which range from economic literacy aimed at reproducing the system (financial management of a company. Household budget management, taxes, insurance, etc.). To integrative approaches considering the implications of economic activities on the different spheres. Driven by strong values and a transformative vision of society. (ethical finance, responsible consumption, green or circular economy, corporate social responsibility, social and solidarity economy, etc.).


Education aims to qualify young people. In such a way as to enable them to position themselves and participate in decisions. Whether in the role of consumer, producer, entrepreneur, or a citizen or in their professional choice.

Getting ready for the future

Getting ready for the future can be both a frightening and exciting time in your life. There are a plethora of choices and paths to choose from! Many students prefer to educate from abroad to expand their horizons and gain new experiences.