Email Marketing 101: Benefits Of Building An Email List

No matter how many innovative platforms are available to us. Still, most professionals & business owners rely on email for communication with their clients & customers. And, the numbers are only going to increase. Yes! Currently, 4.03 billion people are already using emails, and expectedly the number of users will rise over 4.48 Billion by 2024. If you still haven’t realized how important building an email list is for your business. Read on to discover the outstanding benefits of building an email list.

Before we go any further let’s understand what exactly is an email list?

What Is Email List?

Simply put, an email list is a list of the email addresses of website visitors you collected through your website.

The email list has your most potential prospects that you can turn into customers by nurturing them engaging & informative content over time. Yes! An email list is too awesome to be ignored. According to the statistics, email marketing helps to acquire 81% of customers, and also retain 80% of customers for the business.

So, you see how impactful email marketing really is, and how it helps to grow business. Even though having a quality audience email list is a treasure for your business growth. But, you can’t unlock it without using email marketing strategies. Well! If you don’t know the effective technique to acquire & retain massive customers. You must learn digital marketing & implement email marketing tactics to skyrocket your business growth.

I guess! Now you have got to know the value of an email list, and how you can expand your business by executing effective mail marketing strategies. 

So, let’s get started.

Email Marketing 101: Benefits Of Building An Email List 

Till now, you have just learned what is the purpose of an email list. Outstanding benefits of email lists are on their way to blow you away. So, let’s walk through with me to discover how building an email list can be exceedingly profitable for your business growth.

  1. Email Is Personal 

Every visitor has a personal email address that only he or she has access to. Through email you can get connected with your customers and get their replies as well. 

Email marketing leverage personalized messages that make the customer feel they are talking to a real human. You can also leverage this point to increase your email open rate. Yes! Personalized subject lines have a 50% higher open rate than the normal one. So, use it to your advantage and start to build a great relationship with your customers.

  1. Build Relationship With Users 

If you think, most users hate to receive promotional mail. You might be wrong at this point. Because users sign up for newsletters and lead capturing forms arbitrarily. 

Nevertheless, you have to raise users’ temptation to take action through different techniques and irresistible offers. But still, they get involved in your email list not because you brought them strategically but because they are interested in your brand’s product and services somewhere.

All right, if we talk about the real statistics 49% of users admit they like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands. So, how can you ignore such loyal customers to grow your business promptly? Start building your own email list and nurture your audience with the information they would love to know about your brand’s product & services.

  1. Audience Segmentation

The massive benefit of email marketing is. It segments the audience based on their activity on your website and signs up for different offers. You can easily target them with the best offers which they would love and increase your conversions.

Besides, once you build the email list. It’s not like you can only use it once. It has massive ripple effects on your business. Yes! Through an email list you already have the data of your potential buyer and you can increase it even more by creating a lookalike audience in your ads. And, reuse the email list for different purposes such as driving traffic to your youtube channel & blogs as well.

  1. Increase Sales 

70% of website visitors don’t come back to the website if they have abandoned products in cart & wishlist. But, using effective email marketing strategies you can remind them what they have left, and arouse their desire to buy the product once again.

Most e-commerce companies use email marketing to boost their sales. According to research by omnisent in 2018, companies that send 3 emails for the abandoned carts to customers increased their sales by 69%. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Huge Return On Investment 

The money in the email list is massive. Email marketing doesn’t only help to acquire new customers but also helps to retain them. And, you can always reuse your email list. This is like an asset that rapidly increases its value without any depreciation.

Investment in building an email list for your brand could never go wrong. According to the studies by DMA in 2019, it is revealed that 1$ spent on email marketing can give 42$ of return. So, when are you going to set out to build your own email list?

Now, you have learned the amazing benefits of building an email list for your business, and I’m sure. You’re curious to learn the process of building a potential email list for your business. If yes! Let’s get ahead.

How To Build An Email List?

If you already have a website. Nothing could be better than that. And if not, you can create your website. This is the first & foremost part of building an effective email list. 

Follow the steps to build an email list:

  1. Add a subscription form to your website.
  2. Connect the form with email marketing software such as mail chimp, Sendinblue, and get convert, etc.
  3. Install email opt-in plugin to your website. it gives you amazing email marketing options to tempt users to fill the form completely.
  4. Plan out your emails marketing strategies in email marketing software and schedule it

Conclusion: Email marketing has always been the most preferred communication platform for professionals & businesses and always will be. If you’re not leveraging email marketing for your business you might be missing a lot of users that could become your buyer. 

The purpose of the article is to realize the amazing benefits of building an email list. I hope you enjoyed reading the article and you will set out to build an effective email list for your business to boost your sales, acquire new customers and retain them forever.

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