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KALSUBAI TREK OFF OFF RISK Calendar Tracks The best place to visit, Calendar Tracks are worthy of your property. Located in the Ghats of Western Maharashtra, Karsobai is at the highest point of the state. Amazing statue at 5,400 feet above sea level. This area is under the Harish Chandra Gad Carson wildlife reserve and attracts many city dwellers walking for a weekend getaway. This is called the “Everest of Maharashtra”. Start your journey at the foot of little Bali Gaon. Hanuman Shrine, a town at the foot of Mount Carsobai, is crowded and is an important development for tourists. The trip starts at night, so bring everything you need, including lights and shoes. Be careful with earrings, even if they are medium in size.

It is difficult to fix it incorrectly, especially during the rainy season. Vertically sloping metal chairs and railings are useful for getting to meetings. You will reach a higher position as soon as the day starts, so it is a great opportunity to relax and find out where you are. You guessed it. There is also a small amount of dedicated worship. The next goddess, Karsobai Mata, has an interesting story about a free gift from God lost in the mountains to escape the cold manager. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a special prayer to honor God. The value of spending the night in Carsobai requires the same sacrifice to reach the main level from the end. The “big and responsible” method. See how the sun fills the place where the oranges are thrown and with a few clicks on the safe, you will have an endless experience. This two-day trip offers an unforgettable experience. When you spend money and receive important promises.

Kalsubai peak Trekking: 

Pearls are a mountain in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. At 1,646 meters above sea level, the highest point in Maharashtra. These rides are as eco-friendly as Cascade. Many people come here to receive Devi’s blessings from the Balinese village of Karsobai, about 6 km east of the forest, prairies, and the famous airport. Small towns are spread all over the world. living things and cities. One day he woke up and was not there. In his mind, a little slavery worked for him. The rules for the Karsobai nature reserve, the houses on the hill, vary from one mountain to another. A trip to Kalsubai offers stunning views of mansions like Alan, Madang, and Klang.

In the morning you can relax in several big cities like Harihargado, Harish Chandragad, and Ratangad. Separate people combine those visits to increase maturity. A trip to Kalsubai is also a popular nightlife. See how the sun rises here. The most important route is through the mountains to the east that rise from the village of Bali. Canalwaki, Prabara’s food, begins on the east side and extends as follows. When building the Hanuman temple near Bali and not far from the river, it is a great challenge to embark on a trip as a resort for people who are near the end of the resort. The path behind the temple, along with it, includes gentle slopes and a luxurious area overlooking the valley below. Following the recent expansion of road construction projects, government agencies have built steel sections along the vertical slopes. Unlike the Indole Trail, a traditional Balinese trail, the hills are flat, grow very fast, and many are very fast during storms, but the Indore Trail helps fill the rocks.

Trekking tips for beginners:

Get some good walking shoes that support your feet and grab you. Break your ankle by taking a walk around the city or going up and down during a workout. Warm socks are just as important as good shoes. The pink city of Talara. Put on socks before putting them on so your feet are cool and dry.

What to do and what not to do?

 What to do and what not to do in your green bag.

  •  Do not leave luggage.
  •  Bring recyclables.
  •  Bring processed products.
  •  Collect and share trash. 
  •  Do not return waste.
  •  Get groceries for trekking.
  •  Do not consume it carelessly.
  • Do not contaminate water.

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