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comment links

What is comment links

The comment link is a sticky link makes on another website. By giving your name, e-mail, and website in the comment of the websites. These are the easiest backlink making in the off-page SEO.

These link also help you to rank the website. its a part of off-page seo. These link also ranks the domain authority and the page authority of the website.

Here is the list of the website for comment links

90+ instant approve comment link websites

WEBSITESda pa spam score

How To Make Comment Link

To do comment links on another site. Follow these steps

  1. Visit on website
  2. Go o the blog you want to comment
  3. Go to the end of the blog where the comment section starts
  4. Fill the dialog box with the comment related to the blog
  5. Use the HTML code in the comment <a href=”” rel=”dofollow ugc”>here  </a>
  6. Fill all the information name , e-mail and website
  7. Click on submit

The comment is submitted and link will be made after the confirmation of the website authority

How to find comment link websites

To find websites for comment link websites. we have 2 different options

  • Search on google for websites for comment links – this a simple search option the website’s article will be shown on the search engine result page. where you find lists of the websites in blogs.
  • For the particular niche – To find a niche website for comment links, we have to search with niche + “comment links” in search engines. FOR EXAMPLE, we have to find a health niche comment website. we have to search health +” comment links” the health niche websites will be shown on the search engine result page that accept comments.

Points to be remember while doing comment

  • Don’t use spammy backlink by adding multiples link in the comments 1 or 2 link is enough
  • Please don’t Comment the same comment on multiple articles on the same website
  • Don’t add an HTML tag, if it makes a spammy link because some websites do not accept HTML tag comments

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