Valley of Flowers – Hemuku Command Nari Trek


 Whether he is a nature lover, a traveler, trek lover, and a passionate plant, everyone impressed by the magnificence of the Himalayas. The Valley of Flowers Trekking runs through the Himalayan Valley to be enchanted by its rich biodiversity and incredible natural elements. Your efforts begin in Haridwar and lead you to Govindogato and Gangaria. In the transition zone between

 In the Himalayas and Jan Skal, over 11,000 feet, there is an entire valley of flowers trek. Probably, as usual, those who appreciate and think yoga here can be protected. They are also known to them. There is an unmistakable vegetation area by the ridges of the valley and the integrated mountains.

 Conifers found at the lowest elevations where they took over by moss, grass, plants, and shrubs. Highlands do not allow grass and trees to start in these open spaces.

 Many kinds of delicious flowers bloom in this area at various creative times of the year. Anhydrous is endemic and disturbed. Therefore, human development limited here by public institutions. Animals found in this area include the Himalayan bear, warm-colored bear, snow puma, red fox, Himalayan tar, musk roe deer, and nijikiji. The best thing about this flower valley tour group is that you can visit both Hemukun and Sahib. This is a Sikh Gurudwara, worshiped and located at 15,200 meters above sea level. Hemkund Sahib Ventures start in Ghangaria and usually require 7 hours to cover a distance of 7 km. With

 Ghangaria, there are particularly careful ways to inspire travel sites. There is a lake behind gurdwara and you can loosely click on the photo. The raised areas arranged like stars and created by the resources of the Indian Army in the 1980s.

 Mandatory Journey for Trekking in the Valley of the Flowers:

 Days 01: Arrive at Govindghat (1830m)

 Highlights: Devprayag, Joshimath

 Govindghat an unobtrusive area located on the Chamoli Earth in Uttarakhand, the central command of the trip It set with. .. It takes about 10 hours to get from Haridwar to the road Govindghat, so it is essential to start early. The whole trip is absolutely shocking, driving along the Ganges to Devprayag and after a while driving along the Alakananda. Report at pre-booked accommodation isolated in Govindghat. After a while, a brief course meeting will be organized before dinner. Whatever the points I taught earlier, we have decided on a transportation plan to High Bindu Hart in Haridwar, but we are assuming the cost of the upgrade.

 Day 02: Govindghat-Ghangaria (3048m) through Poolna

 Distance / hour-4km drive (45 minutes), 9km trekking (4-5 hours) at home/guesthouse. Anyway, we go to a village called Puruna. The journey takes about 30-45 minutes and the drive stacked in Pastaton. The outing to Gangaria begins, which is 9km from the adventure. A few hours travel around the poor area is really basic. The last 4 km may take some time on the explorer’s journey in the steep. It takes about 4-5 hours to arrive, depending on the restrictions of the navigator. This road is realistic and practical for novice pilots but adds knowledge to the kitty bag of a seasoned traveler. If you look at the charm of the place, you will be amazed at the rich natural trees found here. Overnight at Ghangaria’s home/guesthouse.

 Day 03: Gangaria-Flower Valley (3658m)-Ghangaria


 Distance / Time-10-11km / 5-6 Hours


 Around 9 am After starting a Flower Valley venture in the village and wandering House. Within 1km, you can appear at some doorways of the Valley of Flowers National Park and pick up your tickets. Inside, the road is fixed with a variety of clear flowers, and the tour is incredibly fascinating. After 1 km you feel an amazing spread across the stream and rising over the mountains that surround you. By the way, the path of global spread has been turned in a limited and inconvenient way.

 If you go to the vast Glory area, you enter a conspicuous valley. Walking through the junction of other interesting rivers before appearing here. Here you need to easily see the 4 specific vegetation zones of the Himalayas. At least part of the valley is covered with pristine cedar, fir, above which the area has fine grass and rhododendron shrubs. Also, when you raise your eyes, you’ll see a strict grade of natural shades that are certainly snow-covered from the highest point.

 Investigate the Valley Without Borders and let loose in the undulating creek, take pictures, and introduce the fantastic scent of flowers. In the evening, descend the mountain and return to Gangaria for an overnight stay.

 Day 04: Gangaria-Hemkund Sahib (4600m)-Ghangaria

 Distance / Time-14km / 7 Hours


 Wake up quickly at the beginning of the day and start walking to Hemkund Sahib around 6:30 am. The 7 km-long journey begins with the movement of reformists through the Himalayas. You will see a wonderful course on the right where you can click on the pictures along the way. Here, after about two hours of adventure, the wooden line appears to be closed, and later points are beginning to improve.

Quite a distance from here, a road to the Valley of Flowers appears in the Jain Creek Canyon. After walking around for an hour already, the oxygen levels start to drop as the ascent becomes fierce. Also, take long breaks while climbing. Then you can go back to normal and rest. Try not to fall because getting up and walking again will be uncomfortable. Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, a debilitating rise, is also reached after an hour and the lake is right behind it.

 The evening down the mountain on the way back to Gangaria. Since it’s easier to drop down, it covers this 7 km quickly in most cases. When appearing in Gangaria, join the hotel/guesthouse and relax in the evening. Let’s end the day with a fair night’s rest.

 Day 5:  Distance from Gangaria to Gobindogato (1830m) via Puruna Distance / Travel Time –14km / 7 hours

 Rating – Medium -9km trek (3 hours), 4km drive (30 minutes)

 Today is quite an enjoyable day will be After eating at the property, start returning to Govindghat. The 9km trek reduction outing displayed in Purna does not take more than 3 hours, and after a while, it takes an additional 30 minutes to drive to Govindghat. If we find a way to get there early, we can approach a taxi and take a 25km drive to Badrinath Temple. Overnight at Govindghat’s house.

 06th: From Govindghat

 Recently, the Himalayas have stopped this multi-day experience. After breakfast, the property will look around and return home. Whatever we have previously indicated, we have decided to classify the modes of transportation from Govindghat to Haridwar, but we will assume the cost of the upgrade.

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