What Everybody Ought to Know About IAS Coaching

The IAS is a reputed job and a dream of many students. The IAS exam is the toughest and without the dedication and hard work, it’s impossible to crack it. Self-study is important but IAS coaching plays a very important role in preparation. In earlier times very few people knew about the importance of IAS coaching but today it is accepted and adopted by almost all aspirants who want to crack the IAS exam. 

After deciding about appearing for the IAS exam the biggest question in students’ minds is which coaching is best and what everybody ought to know about IAS coaching. Many factors make any IAS coaching the best but aspirants should know about them. Here are some very important features which every aspirant should research before joining any IAS coaching.

1. Which coaching is best for IAS?

This is a burning question among students who are searching for IAS coaching. It’s very important to get good coaching with all the required features because their study depends on coaching. If the IAS coaching is providing the right guidance it would be sufficient and students will be assured about their preparation. So proper guidance is very necessary for IAS coaching. Legacy IAS Academy is giving proper guidance related to UPSC exams and it’s one of the best coaches for IAS preparation.

2. Past results and consistency of the institute

It’s necessary to know about the history and past results of the coaching. If coaching is good, it gives good results and maintains consistency in performance through the years, and produces toppers year after year. Every aspirant wants a good result and they focus on that coaching which has many toppers. It is a sign of proper guidance and good teaching methodology.

3. How many students are in a batch/ teacher-student ratio

If anyone wants to have focused study and personalized attention then small size batches are very necessary. Nobody can learn in a crowded atmosphere. In today’s scenario, most coaches want to make good money so they don’t focus on small batches. So if you are searching for IAS coaching you should know about a teacher-student ratio before joining.

4. Experience of faculty

Faculty plays an important role in every coaching. Student’s success depends on the right guidance by faculty. Experienced faculty always makes a world of difference in a student’s life. A good teacher should have strong communication skills and they should be good listeners too. A good teacher is the most important factor that contributes to a student’s success. Coaching can not be successful without an experienced faculty.

5. Feedback from past students

Always take feedback from past students of the coaching you wish to join. By this, you get the required information and pros and cons of the coaching. With positive feedback, it’s easy to make a decision about choosing a coach. If you get more negative feedback about faculty, infrastructure, and fee structure, it means you should not join that coaching.

6. Quality of study material

If you want to get success in the IAS exam, it’s important that the coaching provides updated study material. Most of the preparation depends on the quality of the study material. Always aware of the UPSC syllabus. Without knowing the UPSC syllabus you don’t know if the coaching is giving proper study material based on the latest pattern of UPSC or not.

7. Research from the internet about the IAS institute

The Internet is the best source for research. So always have good research about coaching before joining. Nowadays you can get all the appropriate information about coaching by google ranking and review. Many websites give required information about coaching. You don’t need to go to a coaching center for details. You will get all the information through the internet.

8. Affordable fee structure

Every aspirant has a different financial level. Many students can’t afford to coach for IAS which is costly. So it’s not necessary to jona costly coaching. Success is not bound to costly coaching centers. So, choose coaching that can match your financial level. If the aspirant is serious and dedicated towards their study, he/she can definitely crack the IAS exam.

9. Regular tests and doubt clearing sessions

Regular tests enhance the speed and accuracy of the students. By regular tests, they revise all the past topics and prepare for exams. Doubt clearing sessions help students to know their potential and weak points. 

10. Atmosphere of the coaching

Always choose coaching which has a competitive atmosphere. For a serious study, a good atmosphere is very important. You have to study coaching for 4 to 6 hours, so it is an important feature when you are searching for reliable IAS coaching. 

These are some important features that everybody ought to know about IAS coaching. The aspirants face many hardships during preparation. In those situations, coaching institutes help them in preparation. choosing the correct coaching institute is critical to enable an aspirant towards making progress. So keeping all the above-mentioned features in mind before joining any coaching for IAS.

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